Assessment of attributes for choosing a dental center in Trujillo, Peru: patients versus dentists

  • Karem Maytee Carranza-Fernández Programa de Estudios de Estomatología – Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego, Trujillo, Perú.
  • Ángel Steven Asmat-Abanto Programa de Estudios de Estomatología – Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego, Trujillo, Perú. Programa de Estudios de Medicina Humana – Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego, Trujillo, Perú.
  • Rosita Elena Espejo-Carrera Programa de Estudios de Estomatología – Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego, Trujillo, Perú.


Objective: To determine the difference between patients and dentists regarding the assessment of attributes for choosing a dental center in Trujillo, Peru.
Materials and Methods: A comparative cross-sectional observational study was conducted involving a sample of 162 dentists and 162 patients from the Trujillo province in Peru. The data was collected through a virtual questionnaire, validated by experts, and assessed for reliability. Statistical analysis was performed using the U-Mann Whitney and Spearman correlation tests, with a significance level set at 5%.
Results: Patients, in comparison to dentists, demonstrated a greater preference for selecting a dental center where the practitioner is a recognized specialist (p<0.001). Similarly, patients showed a preference for centers offering expedited appointments, advanced technology, and equipment, providing affordable and flexible payment options, free consultations, and having convenient parking and comfortable facilities (p<0.05). Conversely, dentists perceived that the most valued attribute by patients is the recommendation of the dentist (p=0.031).
Conclusions: When choosing a dental center, patients primarily value attributes related to both the professional responsible for care and administrative management. Conversely, dentists consider the main factor influencing a patient’s choice of dental center to be recommendations of the dentist. Valoración de los atributos para la elección de un centro odontológico en Trujillo, Perú: pacientes versus odontólogos
Keywords: Dentist-patient relations; Dental offices; Dental practice management; Health services administration; Biosecurity; Peru.


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