Oral lesions after infection by SARS CoV 2: two case reports.

  • Francisco Villanueva-Sánchez Departamento de Patología Oral y Maxilofacial de la Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores, campus León, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3567-5393
  • Lilia Escalante-Macías Departamento de Endodoncia, Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores, campus León, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. México. http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0338-7266


Introduction: The SARS CoV 2 infection has resulted in several health, economic, and social crises in all areas. The disease shows a substantial biological diversity in humans causing a series of sequels in the trans- or post-infection period in the entire organism.
Case Report: The manifestations that occur in the oral cavity and pharynx have not been evaluated. In this study, two clinical cases are reported. The first patient, a 67-year-old male, presents erosive lesions on the dorsal surface of his tongue after SARS CoV 2 infection.
Results: Therapy consisting of reinforcing oral cleaning, use of antifungal solutions, mouthwashes containing superoxidation solution and B complex was given to the patient. The reported lesions improved satisfactorily. The second case, a 47-year-old male patient, presented vesiculobullous lesions on the lingual and labial mucosa accompanied by severe painful symptoms after SARS CoV 2 infection. An incisional biopsy was performed. The histopathological result was compatible with pemphigus vulgaris, and the treatment protocol was started with 0.1% topical mometasone and 2g miconazole gel, observing adequate involution of the lesions after 20 days.
Conclusions: The aim of this study is to report on the lesions affecting the oral cavity and pharynx in post-COVID patients with the aim of carrying out a thorough intraoral examination, establishing a clinical or histopathological diagnosis to implement a specific treatment plan in each case to improve the health and quality of life of the patients.
Keywords: SARS-CoV-2; Oral manifestations; Oral ulcer; Pemphigus; Mouth; Mucous membrane.


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