April 2017


We need more qualitative research in oral and craniofacial sciences. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 78-79
Preserving healthy teeth throughout the life cycle, the biological asset. PDF
Rodrigo Giacaman 80-81


Slow dentistry: the time has come. PDF
Primitivo Roig 82-83


Open educational resources, a new approach to teaching. PDF
Pedro Christian Aravena 84
Is oral health a political and social priority in Chile? PDF
Carla Castro 85


Prevalence of HPV and EBV infection and their relationship with the p53 and PCNA expression in oral carcinoma patients. PDF
Dayahindara Veitía, Juan Liuzzi, Maira Àvila, Zoraya De Guglielmo, María Correnti 86-91
Adaptation and content validity by expert judgment of the Oral Health Impact Profile applied to Periodontal Disease. PDF
Norma Idalia Rodríguez, José Moral 92-96


Clinical effect of platelet rich plasma in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects. Systematic review and meta-analysis. PDF
Heber Arbildo, Luis Gamarra, Sandra Rojas, Edwars Infantes, Cèsar Lamas, Hernán Vásquez 97-104

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