November 2016


Is it time for open peer-review? PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 258-259
Healthy Aging? Pensions, Quality of Life and the Challenges of Oral Health for the Elderly. PDF
Rodrigo A Giacaman 260-261

Letters to the Editor

Considerations in the oral care of HIV+/AIDS pregnant adolescents. PDF
Gregorio Garza, Héctor Martínez, Gerardo Rivera 262-263
My experience in biostatistical advice. PDF
Luis Luengo 264-265


Effect of presurgical orthopedics on oral-health related quality of life in Chilean children with cleft lip and palate. A pilot study. PDF
Pedro Christian Aravena, Maysa Brandt, Francisca Klett, Mónica Hernández, César Coronado 266-270
Relationship between overall child development and caries severity in Chilean three-year-old preschool children. PDF
Marcela Mufdi, Loreto Núñez, Juan Pablo Ochoa, Gloria Mejía 271-278
Influence of adaptation of removable partial denture on masticatory performance. PDF
Jorge Nakouzi, Fabiola Villegas, Patricio Vildósola 279-284


Dysregulation and detection methods of EGFR in oral cancer. A narrative review. PDF
Carolina Somarriva, Alejandra Fernández, Jorge Candia, Javier Campos, Daniela Albers, Jorge Briceño 285-292

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