December 2015


We need to improve the conditions of FONIS projects. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 359-360
The early diagnosis of dental erosion made by the professional is a sign of knowledge and commitment to the health and quality of life of patients. PDF
Luiz Renato Paranhos, Catielma Nascimento Santos, Sigmar de Mello Rode 361-362

Letters to the Editor

Chile needs more and better Geriatric Dentistry. PDF
María Jesús Arenas 363-364


Oral Health Impact Profile in elderly Chileans in southern Chile. PDF
Matías Yobánolo-Hoffmann, Javiera Valentin-Hoyos, Pedro Aravena 365-370
Measuring color change of tooth enamel by in vitro remineralization of white spot lesion. PDF
Betina Raquel Tolcachir, Luis Crohare, Raquel Vivian Gallará 371-377
Interdental alveolar bone density in bruxers, mild bruxers, and non-bruxers affected by orthodontia and impaction as influencing factors. PDF
Shereen Shokry, Ghousia Rahman, Hossam Kandil, Hanan Hakeem, Nassr Al-Maflehi 378-386
Comparison of marginal adaptation between a monoincremental resin with sonic activation and a conventional resin. PDF
Javier Villa, Rosemarie Meier, Patricio Ruiz, Diego Halabí 387-392
Prevalence and risk factors for HPV infection in normal oral mucosa of Chilean dentistry students. PDF
Rocío Aguirre, Ana Tapia, Alejandra Fernández, Mauricio Bittner, Alfredo Esguep 393-398
Utilization of therapies for stress management in Chilean clinical dental students. PDF
Francisco Pérez, Jorge Ortiz, Pablo Caro, Bárbara Valenzuela, Juan Narváez 399-403


Dental implant survival rate in well-controlled diabetic patients. A systematic review. PDF
Heber Isac Arbildo, César Augusto Lamas, Dora Camara, Hernán Vásquez 404-410


Ethics Statement PDF
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