October 2015 Issue


Dental research in Latin America, a call for regional cooperation and decentralization. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 296-297
The current role of Oral Biology in Dentistry. PDF
Victor Arana-Chavez 298-299


Pain detection by clinical questionnaire in patients referred for temporomandibular disorders in a Chilean Hospital. PDF
Tomás Maturana, Patricio Ruiz, Cristian Rosas, Pedro Christian Aravena 300-305
Effect of warming anesthetic solutions in injection pain during dental anesthesia. A Randomized clinical trial. PDF
Pedro Christian Aravena, Camila Barrientos, Catalina Troncoso 306-312
Vickers microhardness comparison of 4 composite resins with different types of filler. PDF
Rene García-Contreras, Rogelio Scougall-Vilchis, Laura Acosta-Torres, Concepción Arenas-Arrocena, Rigoberto García-Garduño, Javier de la Fuente-Hernández 313-320
The Importance of leadership and management skills in dental practices to attract and retain patients in periods of economic recession. PDF
Primitivo Roig, Elsbeth Kalenderian, Jaime Pinilla 321-328


Oral and systemic manifestations of congenital hypothyroidism in children. A case report. PDF
Carmen Ayala, Obed Lemus, Maribel Frías 329-334
Plasma cell granuloma in oral cavity: A case report. PDF
Edgar Reyes, Karla Berenice Zaldivar, Salvador Padilla 335-339


Dental management of patients with microstomia. A review of the literature and update. PDF
Javier Silvestre-Rangil, Mayte Martinez-Herrera, Francisco-Javier Silvestre 340-350


Ethics Statement PDF
Instructions to authors PDF

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