Tendinitis of the temporalis muscle: Differential diagnosis and treatment. A Case Report.

Verónica Iturriaga, Fernanda Fuentes, Thomas Bornhardt


Introduction: The temporalis muscle plays an essential role in mastication and is actively involved in the mandibular closing movement. It is covered by a fibroelastic fascia that forms its tendon. Tendinitis is a degenerative and inflammatory process, which originates in the tendon-bone junction. Signs and symptoms such as swelling, pain, tenderness on palpation, limitation of movement and mouth opening are frequently associated with other temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and not with tendinitis as a causal factor. Objective: To describe a clinical case identifying the diagnostic process and management of tendinitis of the temporalis muscle. Case report: A 30-yeard old male patient who sought treatment after continuous squeezing pain in the zygomatic and bilateral temporal regions with increased pain during mouth opening and mandibular function. The patient referred pain in the insertion region of the tendon of the temporalis muscle. Pain was removed after using anesthesia, consequently confirming the diagnosis of tendinitis of the temporalis muscle. Primary management measures were performed and then peritendinous corticosteroids were administered. The patient did not refer spontaneous or functional pain during check-up. Conclusion: Tendinitis of the temporalis muscle is a common condition, although frequently underdiagnosed. A good differential diagnosis must be performed to avoid confusion with other common conditions such as odontogenic pain, sinusitis, arthralgia, myofascial pain and migraine. Management depends on the type of tendinitis. It usually occurs in conjunction with other types of TMD or facial pain, so it is important to know the different clinical characteristics of pathologies with similar manifestations.


Tendinopathy; temporal muscle; tendinosis; tendinitis; temporomandibular disorders.


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