Issue Title
Vol 7, No 2 Health professionals and HIV: Promoting health through fostering an inclusive and tolerant society. Details   PDF
Dafna Benadof, Francisca Donoso-Hofer
Vol 5, No 7 Healthy Aging? Pensions, Quality of Life and the Challenges of Oral Health for the Elderly. Details   PDF
Rodrigo A Giacaman
Vol 3, No 3 Hemophilia A. Considerations in the dental management of pediatric patients. A case report. Abstract   PDF
Sonia López-Villareal, Osvelia Rodríguez-Luis, Norma Cruz-Fierro
Vol 3, No 4 History of dental caries and need for dental treatment of children with visual disabilities, Chile, 2014. Abstract   PDF
Marco Guidotti, Katalina Hernández, Giorgio Salvatori, Carolina Vergara
Vol 4, No 2 How far are we from periodontal regeneration? Details   PDF
Patricio Smith
Vol 3, No 3 Human Papilloma Virus and oral cancer: Narrative review of the literature Abstract   PDF
Alejandra Fernández, Maureen Marshall, Alfredo Esguep
Vol 7, No 4 Hybrid lesion formed by a complex odontoma and dentigerous cyst: radiographic and histomorphological findings. A case report. Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Harris Ricardo, Sandra Herrera Lomonaco, Adel Martínez Martínez
Vol 6, No 9 Immune system and zinc are associated with recurrent aphthous stomatitis. An assessment using a network-based approach. Abstract   PDF
Cesar Rivera
Vol 7, No 4 Immunodeficiency-Associated Burkitt’s lymphoma in pediatric patients: a clinical case report. Abstract   PDF
Samuel Urbano, Erich López, Jonathan Harris
Vol 6, No 6 Impact of oral health on the quality of life of young people in confinement, Córdoba, Argentina: A mixed methods study. Abstract   PDF
Marcela M Barnetche, Lila S Cornejo
Vol 6, No 10 Importance of family dentistry in the training of dental surgeons. Details   PDF
Alex Bustos
Vol 5, No 6 Improving antibiotics prescription habits in the treatment of odontogenic infections. Details   PDF
Juan José Segura-Egea
Vol 7, No 5 In vitro comparison of the immediate adhesive strength in dentin of three universal adhesive systems. Abstract   PDF
Mariana Acurio-Benavente, Haru Kinoshita-Rivas, Paloma Acurio-Benavente, Leslie Casas-Apayco
Vol 7, No 6 Individuals’ quality of life in periodontal maintenance therapy - critical literature review. Abstract   PDF
Amanda Almeida Costa, Fernando Oliveira Costa
Vol 6, No 8 Inequalities in Chile… what about Dentistry? Details   PDF
Raúl Flores
Vol 5, No 7 Influence of adaptation of removable partial denture on masticatory performance. Abstract   PDF
Jorge Nakouzi, Fabiola Villegas, Patricio Vildósola
Vol 2, No 2 Influence of endodontic instrument-holder on sterilization efficacy. A pilot in-vitro study. Abstract   PDF INGLÉS
Anggelo Marcelo Carrizo
Vol 3, No 1 Ingreso a LILACS, seguimos avanzando. Details   PDF (Español)
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez
Vol 6, No 1 Innovation in Dentistry: some comments from Easy2fix. Details   PDF
Jorge Jofré
Vol 6, No 2 Insights into etiopathogenic and clinical features in 3RU oral diseases: an interesting and challenging research focus. Details   PDF
Cesar Rivera
Vol 1, No 1 Instrucciones a los autores Details   PDF Español (Español)
Ricardo Andrés Cartes Velasquez
Vol 1, No 2 Instrucciones a los autores Details   PDF ESPAÑOL (Español)
Ricardo Andrés Cartes Velasquez
Vol 2, No 1 Instrucciones a los autores. Details   PDF ESPAÑOL (Español)
Ricardo Cartes-Velasquez
Vol 2, No 2 Instrucciones a los autores. Details   PDF ESPAÑOL (Español)
Ricardo Andrés Cartes Velasquez
Vol 2, No 3 Instructions to Authors Details   PDF
Ricardo Cartes-Velasquez
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