January 2017


Not just a new face. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 4-5
Keep it rich, keep it simple. PDF
José de la Macorra 6-7


The paradigm of oral health in Mexico. PDF
Guillermo Cruz, Esteban Picazzo 8-9


Innovation in Dentistry: some comments from Easy2fix. PDF
Jorge Jofré 10
Conference on Social Dentistry and the role of the dentist in the Chilean society. PDF
Paula Labbé, Rocío Henríquez-Tejo 11


Erosive effect of energy drinks alone and mixed with alcohol on human enamel surface. An in vitro study. PDF
Katherine Beltrán, Wilson Cardona 12-15
Comparative performance of the protocol of plasma rich in growth factors - universal 1 (PRGF-U1) for obtaining platelet rich plasma. PDF
Augusto Aguirre, Heber Arbildo, Javier Peralta 16-18


Cross-sectional assessment of the periapical status as related to quality of root canal fillings and coronal restorations in a Yemeni population. PDF
Ahmed Madfa, Mohsen Al‑Hamzi, Elham Senan 19-24

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