December 2016


Social dentistry in dental education. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 296-297
Doctoral training in dentistry and its role in the development of clinical and applied research. PDF
Carlos Manterola 298-299

Letters to the Editor

My experience in biostatistical advice, self-criticism and some suggestions. PDF
Luis Luengo 300-301


Evaluation of quality of life in Chilean patients with orthognathic surgery. A cohort study. PDF
Macarena Cea-Herrera, Gerald Loyola-Parra, Günther Preisler, Juan Pablo Alister, Claudia Letelier-Fuentealba, Pedro Christian Aravena 302-306
Prevalence of early childhood caries in non-fluoridated rural areas of Chile. PDF
Gerardo Espinoza-Espinoza, Patricia Muñoz-Millán, Carolina Vergara-González, Claudia Atala-Acevedo, Carlos Zaror 307-313
Validation of the Oral Hygiene Habits Scale: Relationships with sociodemographic variables in the general and clinical population of Monterrey, Mexico. PDF
Norma Rodríguez, José Moral 314-319
Association of burnout with stress, coping strategies and vocational satisfaction in Chilean clinical dental students. PDF
Francisco Pérez, Pablo Caro, Bárbara Valenzuela, Jorge Ortiz, Juan Narvaez 320-327


Acknowledgement to reviewers. PDF
Author Guidelines PDF

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