March 2016


Pay-for-performance? Let's take a look beyond the numbers in dentistry. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 55-56
Sugar and dental caries: new insights of an old problem and its implication in clinical management. PDF
Rodrigo Giacaman 57-58

Letters to the Editor

Some considerations on the Latin American oral health literacy. PDF
Cecilia María Martínez-Delgado 59-60
Medicine after Dentistry? PDF
José López 61-62


Factors associated with dentine hypersensitivity severity in Colombian dental patients. PDF
Luis López, Paola Espana, Ruth Bastidas, Jeovanni Fuelagan, Ana Cristina Mafla 63-70
The effects of composition, diameter and post-curing methods on the flexural properties of fiber posts. PDF
Nadia Ereifej, Eugenio Jose Garcia, Diego Noroña, Rosa Helena Miranda Grande 71-76
Training instances related to health psychology and counseling in the curricula of Chilean dentistry undergraduate programs. PDF
Luis Espinoza 77-81


Tendinitis of the temporalis muscle: Differential diagnosis and treatment. A Case Report. PDF
Verónica Iturriaga, Fernanda Fuentes, Thomas Bornhardt 82-86
Oral and systemic manifestations, and dental management of a pediatric patient with Tetralogy of Fallot. A case report. PDF
Carmen de la Luz Ayala, Lizbeth Aguayo 87-91

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