August 2015 Issue


Research integrity. Journal of Oral Research is now a member of COPE. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 231-232
The role of clinical practice guidelines in the daily work of health professionals. PDF
Carlos Manterola 233-234

Letters to the Editor

Pay-for-performance: paying by results in oral health indicators. PDF
Marco Cornejo-Ovalle 235-236
Why conduct research on primary care? PDF
Carlos Araya 237-238


Reporting quality of papers published in Chilean dental journals. Evaluation period: 2002-2012. PDF
Sergio E Uribe, Natalia F Henríquez, Pamela A Quinchalef, Daniela S Uribe, Wladimir A Schuman 239-248
Effectiveness of three electronic apex locators to determine root canal working length. PDF
Carolina Campillo-Cortes, Héctor Flores-Reyes, Claudia Dávila-Pérez, Daniel Silva-Herzog, Verónica Méndez-González, Amaury Pozos-Guillén 249-254
Sonic versus ultrasonic activation for the cleaning of the root canal after post space preparation: an in vitro study. PDF
René Carrasco, Ricardo Román, Makarena Ojeda, Carolina Vergara 255-262
Prevalence of neuropathic symptoms in patients referred for temporomandibular disorder in a Chilean hospital, 2014-2015. PDF
Sebastian Miranda, Carol Gayoso, Patricio Ruiz, Diego Halabi 263-269


Gland excision in submandibular sialolithiasis: A case report. PDF
Dayel Rosales, Bárbara Castillo, Jesús Israel Rodríguez 270-274
Management of an internal root resorption on a permanent tooth. A case report. PDF
Alejandra Maldonado, Eugenia Muñoz 275-281
Parry-Romberg syndrome in a pediatric patient. A case report. PDF
Edgar Reyes, Carmen de la Luz Ayala, Lizzete Ríos 282-286


Ethics Statement PDF
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