April 2015 Issue


Peer-review, like democracy, is not perfect but… is it a sacred cow? PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 80-81
How far are we from periodontal regeneration? PDF
Patricio Smith 82-83

Letters to the Editor

Oral cancer prevention: the dentist’s attitude, the key factor. PDF
Patricio Rubio 84-85
Self-determined motivation in Dental Education: Are we supporting autonomy or controlling behaviour? PDF
César Orsini 86-87


Transcultural adaptation and reliability of the spanish version of a questionnaire of oral hygiene advice given by dentists in Chile. PDF
Ilze Maldupa, Jaime Aguila, Pablo Toloza, Sergio Uribe 88-94
Association between abdominal obesity and periodontal disease. Cross-sectional study. PDF
Israel Juárez, María Hernández, Claudia Letelier, Diego Halabí, Camila Araneda 95-102
Salivary stimulation by prolonged release films of pilocarpine in diabetic rats. PDF
Jesús Israel Rodríguez, Rosa Isela Sánchez, Marianela Garza, María Argelia Nakagoshi, Juan Manuel Solis, Katiushka Arévalo, Emmanuel Garza 103-108
Methodological quality of clinical trials in pediatric dentistry research published in ISI journals, 2008-2012. PDF
Ana Jaime, Carolina Rodríguez, Pedro Christian Aravena 109-115
Comparison of the degree of coronal pigmentation in extracted premolars after the application of Bi-antibiotic and Tri-antibiotic pastes. PDF
Pedro Pablo Mejía, María Claudia Monterrsa 116-123


Vertical root fracture associated with prolonged use of calcium hydroxide during apexificación. A case report. PDF
Jennifer Ribadeneira, Eugenia Muñoz 124-128


Use of sugar-free gum as complement in the prevention of dental caries. Narrative review. PDF
Francisca Matthews 129-136
Epidemiological characterization of oral cancer. Literature review. PDF
Alejandra Fernández, Pablo Córdova, Osvaldo Badenier, Alfredo Esguep 137-145


Ethics Statement PDF
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