February 2015 Issue


Numbers and changes. PDF
Ricardo Andrés Cartes-Velasquez 4-5
Building the research capacity of General dental practitioners PDF
Rodrigo Mariño 6-7

Letters to the Editor

The challenge of the state of susceptibility to oral cancer. PDF
César Rivera 8-9
What role does the social and political context play in people’s oral health? PDF
María José Monsalves 10-11


Evaluation in vitro of cytotoxicity of dentinal desensitizing on human gingival fibroblasts. PDF
Diego Antonio Vergara, Claudio Andres Villegas, María Francisca Pavicic, Marco Antonio Fritz, Ingrid Pamela Ehrenfeld 12-18
Oral hygiene, periodontal status and treatment needs in 12 years old students, Castro-Chile, 2014. PDF
Mariana Wauters, Stellamary Edith Hernández, Israel Juárez, Gastón Vergara 19-24
Physico-chemical and antimicrobial evaluation of chitosan and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose biofilms for prolonged release of pilocarpine. PDF
Jesús Israel Rodríguez, Rosa Isela Sánchez, Marianela Garza, María Argelia Nakagoshi, Juan Manuel Solis, Katiushka Arévalo, Emmanuel Garza 25-31
Bone neoformation in defects treated with fibrin platelet rich membrane versus collagen membrane: a histomorphometric study in rabbit’s femurs. PDF
Edwin Jonathan Meza, Emil Correa, David Reynaldo Soto, Liz Katty Ríos 32-37
Transforming Growth Factor-ß1 (TGF-ß1) immunoreactivity in heterotopic grafts of adult dental apical papilla. PDF
Telmo José Mezadri, David Rivero Tames, Xana Raquel Ortolan, José Angel Armengol 38-43
Analgesic effectiveness of prophylactic therapy and continued therapy with naproxen sodium post simple extraction. PDF
Angel Steven Asmat-Abanto, Antonio Armando Aguirre, Carlos Alberto Minchón, Rosita Elena Espejo-Carrera 44-50
Evolution of application process to Dentistry in universities taking part of Prueba de Selección Universidad (PSU). Chile, 2012-2014. PDF
Luis Espinoza 51-57


Oral surgery in patients under antithrombotic therapy. Narrative review. PDF
Anggelo Carrizo, David Carrasco 58-64


Acknowlegement to reviewers. PDF
Ethics statement. PDF
Instructions to authors. PDF

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