April 27, 2018


On ethics and professional training. PDF
Carlos Araya 118-119


New insights in the pharmacological treatment of pain in dentistry. PDF
Bruna Benso 120-121


It is time to reduce the mortality rate of oral cancer in Chile. PDF
Alejandra Fernández, Carla Álvarez 122


Snoring in individuals with and without maxillary constriction. PDF
Marcos J. Carruitero, Zandalee A. Escobedo-Terrones 123-126


Accuracy of dental models fabricated by CAD/CAM milling method and 3D printing method. PDF
Wook-Tae Kim 127-133
Evaluation of the clinical effect of a probiotic mouthwash in the treatment of generalized marginal chronic gingivitis. Randomized pilot study. PDF
Laura Domínguez, Juan Cepeda, Saray Aranda Romo, Raúl Márquez, Luis Sánchez 134-140


Immunodeficiency-Associated Burkitt’s lymphoma in pediatric patients: a clinical case report. PDF
Samuel Urbano, Erich López, Jonathan Harris 141-144
Hybrid lesion formed by a complex odontoma and dentigerous cyst: radiographic and histomorphological findings. A case report. PDF
Jonathan Harris Ricardo, Sandra Herrera Lomonaco, Adel Martínez Martínez 145-149
Five canals on mandibular first molar successfully managed by undergraduate dental student: An Educational Case Report. PDF
Elhadi M. Awooda, Basil A. Sulaiman 150-154


Comparing the periodontal clinical effect between conventional and self-ligating brackets: Systematic review and meta-analysis. PDF
Heber Arbildo, Luis Gamarra, Sandra Rojas, Edward Infantes, Fredy Cruzado, Hernán Vásquez 155-161

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