August-September, 2018


Interdisciplinary management of facial alterations in Latin American: What do we know? PDF
Neli Marile Gomescuello, Katty Rios 214-215
Dentistry facing the biotechnological advances of the 21st century. PDF
Carmen de la Luz Ayala Escandón, Juan Manuel Cortes Ramírez 216-218


Freely available or over-the-counter occlusal splints obtainable in commercial outlets: a reality dentists should know. PDF
Ian Raby, Diego Quiroz, Paulina Galleguillos 219-226
Comparison between undergraduate dental students’ self-assessment of pre-clinical crown preparation and assessment by two tutors. PDF
Elhadi Mohieldin Awooda, Haifaa Mohamed Ibrahim, Eman Abdelhafiz Ahmed, Ehab Mohamed Abdelhlim 227-231
Irrigation trends among members of the Chilean Endodontic Society. PDF
Héctor Monardes, Marcia Antunez, Daniela Wulf, Daniela Zúñiga García, Jaime Abarca 232-237
Clinical efficacy of nanosilver and chlorhexidine in the treatment of plaque-induced gingivitis: a randomized controlled clinical trial. PDF
Amani Al-sharani, Waddah Al-Hajj, Ahmed Madfa 238-244
Trigeminal neuralgia: bibliometric analysis of the fifty top-cited articles in the period 2000-2016. PDF
Yasmany Fornaris-Cedeño, Ibraín Enrique Corrales-Reyes, Caridad de Jesús Pérez-Martínez 245-254


Bifid mandibular canal –an anesthetic challenge for maxillofacial surgeons– case report. PDF
Madan Nanjappa, Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Abhishek Khatua 255-258
Dental management of a child undergoing treatment for Wilms’ tumor: A case report. PDF
Ana Moya, Jesús Luengo, Cristal Díaz 259-263


Dental implant placement with flapless and flapped technique: A systematic review. PDF
Rojin Asadollahi, Meysam Mohammadi khah, Niknaz Yahyazadehfar, Farnaz Kouhestani, Zahra Tehrani 264-275

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