Comparison between Obando´s anthropometric formula and Mondelli´s formula to estimate central incisor width.

Sara Belen Rodríguez, Gustavo Alberto Obando-Pereda


Objective: to compare Mondelli’s formula with Obando’s anthropometric formula in order to determine the mesiodistal width of maxillary central incisor. Materials and Methods: 100 adults (50 women) were selected. The mesiodistal width of maxillary central incisor was measured. Maximum smile was used for Mondelli’s formula. Interalar distance and longitudinal axis of the ear were used for Obando’s formula. Correlations and differences between estimates of both formulas and the actual mesiodistal width of the central incisor were estimated. Results: Obando’s formula presented a strong correlation (r=0.8846) with the mesiodistal width, with no statistically significant differences between the two measures (p>0.05). Mondelli’s formula presented a moderate negative correlation with the mesiodistal width (r=-0.3401) and a statistically significant difference with respect to the mesiodistal width (p<0.0001), in both men and women. Conclusion: Obando’s formula estimated more accurately the mesiodistal width of the central incisor in comparison to Mondelli’s formula in the Peruvian population.


dental esthetic; incisor; anthropometry.


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