Psychological factors and his influence in the oral health of older people: A narrative review.

Matías Ríos-Erazo, Socorro Aída Borges-Yañez


There has been a significant growth in the elderly population of developing countries. This growth leads health systems in those countries to face an increase in consultations for oral diseases for this age group. Therefore, the biopsychosocial approach is essential for healthy aging in the elderly. The objectives of this review article are to identify the psychological factors that have a relationship with most prevalent oral diseases in elderly people (dental caries and periodontal disease), and then describe how tooth loss, the principal consequence of caries and periodontal disease, impacts the mental health of older people. Finally, some proposals for dental work in the elderly are discussed, considering the psychological factors related to oral health.


Aged; Psychological factors; Periodontal Disease; Dental Caries, Tooth Loss.


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