Knowledge of dental trauma in a group of Chilean primary school teachers.

Claudia Letelier, María Hernández


Aim: To determine the knowledge and management of dentoalveolar trauma by primary school teachers in rural and urban schools in the city of Paillaco, Chile, in 2014. Methods: An observational study was conducted in 167 teachers in the city of Paillaco. A survey developed from the questionnaires proposed by McIntyre et al. and Yassen et al. was used. The survey, previously approved by 2 experts, was applied in person in the school facilities, after the application of a pilot test. Demographic characteristics of the participants and the frequency of correct responses by geographical location of the educational establishment (rural / urban) were analyzed. For the inferential analysis, the chi-square and t-tests (p <.05) were used. Results: 130 valid questionnaires (41.21 ± 0.95 years, 68.4% women) were obtained. Participating teachers achieved an 83.3% of correct diagnosis of dentoalveolar trauma and a 55.5% of correct answers regarding its management. There were with no statistically significant differences in relation to geographical location. Conclusion: Primary school teachers in the city of Paillaco have a high level of knowledge of dentoalveolar trauma, but not of its management.


Tooth avulsion; tooth fractures; school teachers; Chile.


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