Parry-Romberg syndrome in a pediatric patient. A case report.

Edgar Reyes, Carmen de la Luz Ayala, Lizzete Ríos


The Parry-Romberg syndrome is a rare degenerative disease of unknown etiology that has dental implications. It is characterized by a progressive hemifacial atrophy that appears in the early stages of life. It causes aesthetic, functional and psychological alterations, and has social implications for the patient. There is no definitive treatment for the Parry-Romberg syndrome.  Systemic and immune alterations produce oral and maxillofacial manifestations, which need to be managed by specialized dental professionals. The aim of this paper is to do a literature review of the Parry-Romberg syndrome and describe the oral and clinical characteristics of this condition in a 12-year-old male pediatric patient, who had a history of neurological disorders and facial asymmetry on the left side. Dentists require an adequate knowledge of the clinical and dental characteristics of this syndrome.  With early diagnosis and appropriate surgical and orthodontic treatment at an early age, they can improve the quality of life of patients and minimize invasive long-term effects.


Parry-Romberg syndrome; facial asymmetry; progressive facial hemiatrophy; oral manifestations.


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