Reporting quality of papers published in Chilean dental journals. Evaluation period: 2002-2012.

  • Sergio E Uribe Escuela de Odontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Natalia F Henríquez Escuela de Odontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Pamela A Quinchalef Escuela de Odontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Daniela S Uribe Escuela de Odontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Wladimir A Schuman Escuela de Odontología, Universidad Austral de Chile.


Aim:  To assess the quality report of published research between 2002-2012 in Chilean dental journals. Materials and methods: Bibliometric analysis. Ancillary study from the former published dataset of indexed research papers published in periodical dental journals between 2002-2012. Three calibrated examinators (interoperator- Kappa=.83) assessed 205 papers: 150 case-reports, 37 epidemiological research and 18 clinical trials. Quality of the report was evaluated using CARE for case report, STROBE for observational studies and CONSORT guidelines for clinical trials. Descriptive statistics were conducted. Results: Case-reports reported 35% of  required methodological items; epidemiological research reported 16% of required items for materials and methods and 10% for results. Clinical research reported 29% of required materials and methods items and 20% of results items.Conclusion: Case-report, epidemiological and clinician research reports in Chilean dental journals during the 2002-2012 period are lacking of explicit key methodological items, preventing a proper research replication or clinical application of the results.


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