Epidemiological characterization of oral cancer. Literature review.

Alejandra Fernández, Pablo Córdova, Osvaldo Badenier, Alfredo Esguep


Oral cancer is a disease with high impact globally, ranking sixth most frequent among all cancers place. Despite a widely known and easy access to diagnostic pathology, calls the attention the lack of epidemiological data reported in the last 10 years in Chile Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a project called "GLOBOCAN" to collect Cancer Epidemiological findings from their data, highlights the high incidence and high mortality in males, parameter showing a tendency to replicate in both America and Chile. Therefore these data, it was conducted a narrative review of the literature concerning epidemiological profile of the different forms of oral cancer in the last 15 years. The diagnosis of oral cancer crosses transversely to Dentistry, forcing us to establish working triads between oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pathologists and dentists of various specialties in order to enable timely investigation, appropriate biopsies and histopathological studies completed in order to on the one hand, to obtain timely and accurate diagnoses also maintain current epidemiological indicators.


Head and neck neoplasms; oral cavity; neoplasms by histologic type; cancer epidemiology; public health.


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