Evolution of application process to Dentistry in universities taking part of Prueba de Selección Universidad (PSU). Chile, 2012-2014.

Luis Espinoza


Aim: To describe the distribution of applicants and their Prueba de Selección Universitaria (PSU) entry scores to Dentistry among Chilean universities taking part of the PSU process during the years 2012-2014.Methodology: Descriptive study from the records of applicants to Dentistry between the member universities of the PSU admissions process, 2012-2014.Results: The analysis included 14 universities with 18 programs (cities), 10 private and 8 traditional. All programs has decreased their applicants’ numbers, but the highest proportion is concentrated in 3 universities in Santiago. Only the Universidad de Talca showed an increase in the rate of applicants per seat. There is over 100 points between the mean scores of selection between universities, being the traditional and capital city located those with the highest scores.Conclusions: The decrease of applicants affects all Dentistry programs, however the rate of applicants per seat is variable. Centralization of the highest entry scores in the capital is observed.


Dental Students, Chile, Career Choice, School Admision Criteria, ranking.


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